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 It's Time..

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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: It's Time..   19/08/10, 07:22 am

Hello everyone,

its time for me to say goodbye, i'll be playing the game for a month or two and then the game will be done, gonna spend the rest of the time with my rl friends in their ls kinda living the old school days with them before we end this game for good, to arekku thanks for being a good friend and an understanding person, to all the tarus that died, was a pleasure seeing you die, and to any elv...no comments...was fun and i hope i'll be leaving on good terms and be remembered as a friend, please do not forget to toss me a hi~ from time to time.

Your Friend
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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: It's Time..   19/08/10, 09:26 am

Y_Y Nice to play with you bro Y_Y

Enjoy your last weeks in game & don't forget us! Wink

~ Dragoon / Red Mage / Bard ~

~ NEW Arekku's Blog ~
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It's Time..
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