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 Evolith Farm

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Evolith Farm   12/05/10, 02:14 am

Hi NoTeD friends..
I started to work on new armor and... I see is more easy that what I though at the begin..
Very powerfull armor can be made swithching with colors and the kind of add on you want to put on them.
For those who don't know how it works....

You need to craft or buy a standard armor.. and turn it into the one you desire.. for you job/jobs..
You can colour them with some pigments dropped from NM..

Till now.. you have a power body.. but can be more good that what it seems.

It's time to put Evolith on..

By a very simple synergy you can add some free slot to the armor.. (body can wear 3 slots).. where you will put 1 evolith in each slot.

Evolith look similar to stones.. and are the reward of a NM kill.. Every Nm (i think), can give you a different evolith..

Those Nm can be easy.. or damn hard to kill..

I'm personally working on a VS Demon armor.. that means.... Vs demon: Evasion.. Magic Evasion.. Defense..

To grab those rewards.. may need some helps.. and well.. can be good if we go there and kick Nm asses to have more armor like that.. or.. like you want.. ^^

If you're interested in Evolith farm.. even not that ones.. pls tell me.. I will love to help.. and well be helped too ^^ ehehe

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Evolith Farm
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