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 Edenie's app

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Too weak
Too weak

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PostSubject: Edenie's app   10/09/09, 04:43 pm

Name char: Edenie
Jobs75: Brd Blm Whm Rdm Cor Sch Smn Dnc Mnk Sam Thf (dont do much DD but i like it tht way can if needed tho!)
Merits capped whm brd cor smn blm there is loads of merits to long to list
Subjobs: All subjobs
Missions progress: zm/cop/toau/wotg all done
Interested in: Dynamis and limbus
How do you meet us: Used to be in this Ls abit ago i know a couple of names Jenn and oriol.

If join Dynamis:

Experience: Yes
Dynamis Clears: What dynamis you cleared. cleared all but tav
Read rules: Yes

If join Limbus:

Have some chips: What chips you have it. No Chips ;(
Read rules: Yes
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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Edenie's app   10/09/09, 04:48 pm

Your apply was accept for Dynamis & Limbus.

/tell Arabian, Keldan, Jennesta, Oriol or me for get pearl.

Welcome (Back) in NoTeD ^^

~ Dragoon / Red Mage / Bard ~

~ NEW Arekku's Blog ~
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Edenie's app
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