Dynamis, Limbus & Abyssea LS
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 Application format

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PostSubject: Application format   15/02/09, 07:29 am

Before all, if you wanna join some event be sure you read rules:

Dynamis rules [Here]

Limbus rules [Here]

Remember this isn't a HNMLS, you are free to come or no, we don't kick you for this reason (unless you look inactive more than one month without any notice about you).

This LS is compatible with the HNMLS. You can do Limbus with a one HNMLS and do Dynamis with us or viceversa for example.

If you agree our rules, you need post apply with next format:

Name char:
Jobs75: All your jobs in other of strength (1 main job with better merits,2 job with merits, 3 etc..)
Missions progress: ZM, CoP, TaoU , etc..
Interested in: Dynamis - Limbus (You can join both events or just any of them, cuz they are independent events with independent points)
How do you meet us: Write how you meet us or the person who invite you to LS.

If join Dynamis:

Experience: Yes or no
Dynamis Clears: What dynamis you cleared.
Read rules: Yes or no

If join Limbus:

Yes or no
Have some chips: What chips you have it.
Read rules: Yes or no
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Application format
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