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 Improving rules 3 Feb 2009

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PostSubject: Improving rules 3 Feb 2009   03/02/09, 06:24 am

Hi guys, I have some news for proper functioning of LS.


All who is going Dynamis everytime know that a lot of ppl is doing very longs afk's all time... This will finish now.

If you REALLY need afk, you must make a /tell to who is leading the run. Puller needs know status of players all time for best pulling.

Try dinner before or after Dynamis; if can't, make a /tell to puller asking when and where can afk.

In any case, afk's can't get long time, just 5 min or so.

NEVER afk when death! At least get raise before, and again, advice puller.

If we realize someone is doing inadequate afks, we won't doubt to kick him/her of LS.
We prefer 18 good members focused than 36 and half of them afk's or unfocused.


Still some ppl don't come cities... Again, we will improve points systems for fix that. Now, cities will give you 4 points, 2 points from other areas.

In that way, players who really want items from Beauce, Xarca or CoPs, will need attend cities too.

Arriving late / Leaving soon: (This was already running, isn't new, just for remember)

That's very important.

Arriving 15 mins late to events or leaving soon (all events in NoTeD, including Limbus) will be penalized unless you advice before to sacks or at forum, as follows:

- Dynamis cities: -2 points (you will get 2 points instead 4; 0 if arrive late & leave soon)

- Dynamis Beauce, Xarca or CoPs: -1 point (you will get 1 points instead 2; 0 if arrive late & leave soon)

- Limbus: -1 points (you will get 1 points instead 2; 0 if arrive late & leave soon)

You can check full rules [here]
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Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Improving rules 3 Feb 2009   03/02/09, 12:58 pm

Thank You.
That's means someone rly take care of plp who's trying to make Noted even greater and work not only to drop some af2.
I rly appreciate that topic. Rly..

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Improving rules 3 Feb 2009
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