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 Einherjar Rules

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PostSubject: Einherjar Rules   25/01/09, 05:29 pm

Run time will be Wednesday at 21:00GMT and Sunday at 21:00GMT gather together times, and enter Einherjar passing 30 min of gather together time.

Our lot system will consist on one WishList between 1 to 5 items from Einherjar.

I tried to make a friendly lot system, without points, letting ppl feel free to attend or no, cuz we will be a small group for lot.

So everybody will make a WishList writing there 1 to 5 items they want in order of priority. In Einherjar drop a lot of things, so we should try, if possible, choose different items for our WishLists, for evade collisions with other WishLists. You can see all drop from Einherjar [here].

You can make a full WishList with 5 items, or make one with less than 5 items. If 2 ppl have "item X" as first option on their WishLists, the one with less items in WishList will lot first.

When you complete your WishList, you are free to leave and let other member of IIINoTeDIII to participate, or continue coming for lot items that aren't in other's WishLists and get Einherjar points, ampoulines.

In case one drop isn't in any WishList, I will make a call asking who want it, and these members will lot.

You need post your WishList in the pertinent post [here].

Remember we are a fusion of 2 LS: Divine and IIINoTeDIII. This mean each LS has its own rules, and in case of drop, both LS will be able to lot following their own rules.

Summarizing, in case drop one member of Divine and one member of IIINoTeDIII will lot.
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Einherjar Rules
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