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 Some words for all

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PostSubject: Some words for all   07/04/08, 02:37 pm

Well in firts place, sorry for my bad english, i will try explain my better possible...

I want all ppl on this LS know how this work.

The LS doesnt have a leader, we're running this ls together... it means... i can tell who is allowed to lot, but i wont make untruthful calls, the point system will decide. (read the rules for know more info about this).

If we wipe while dynamis, please don't start accusing or blaming people... nobody does it on purpose.. and next time the mistake could be made by you. If we wipe it's everyone's mistake, cuz we are a group, we work in a group and we will wipe in a group.

I don't like bad vibes, i want a good and friendly atmosphere.
Seeing the last run, we have great potential, i stayed in many dynamis linkshells, and i can say this...we handled things well when everything seemed to go wrong.

Some ppl in this LS have tasks.. i want explain to you who is doing what:

Edwoodjr is our DD Assister (The best assiter for our meeles!)
Tarusclera is our BLM Assiter (The best assiter for our blm's!)

Arekku & Jennesta will take attendance and she will punctuate you dependant of you time assistance on run.

I'm Sponsor, that mean I will lot all currency, including the big currency.

I'm the puller too, and I will try do my best possible, and if I make mistakes please don't be mad at me ; ; I'm sure I'm not doing it on purpose.

The Sacks are Arabian, Arekku, Chimikho, Cloudestrife, Jennesta & Oroo. If somebody has a friend or know anyone who wants join and needs a pearl: tell us, we will give them a pearl, and be sure that person read of this post and rule post, we don't want surprise.

Check http://forums.spikeflail.org/calendar.php for upcoming dynamises, or our calendar Wink

And to finish this boring text ... this post is open to opinions , idea, contradictions, etc..

Thanks for the time used to read this Wink

See you on NoTeD !!
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Some words for all
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