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 Sorry for AFK

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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: Sorry for AFK   28/10/08, 02:28 pm

Hello Guys!!!!

Sorry if I'm a bit afk, but I don't have too much free time to play Sad, have a lot of work, come late home, work some weekends, lot of study, go to class...... crazy RL.... But... don't think I forget you Very Happy. Hope I can come on thursdays at the moment, so I will see you this week Wink. Hope there's no problem with that... when I'll have more time I'll come on mondays as well. Anyway if you need me for something, because you want my healing power ^^, please give me a /tell in my messenger or email or whatever.

Thanks guys! A big hug for everyone...
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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Sorry for AFK   28/10/08, 02:46 pm

We'll missing you too Panndi, but np, tyt in RL. I'll look forward to see you again soon with us all /cheer cheers cheers cheers
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Sorry for AFK
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