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 Limbus rules

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PostSubject: Limbus rules   07/04/08, 11:00 am

- Schedule -

Firstly our run time will be Tuesday at 18:00GMT (19:00GMT if we do some Megaboss) and Friday at 19:00GMT (20:00GMT if we did some Megaboss on tuesday) gather together times, and going to Limbus passing 30 min of gather together time.

- Points System -

There are separate points for Dynamis & Limbus runs.

Points in Limbus follow same way Dynamis Points system:

- 2 points for attendance (-1 if arrive late -15 min late- or leaving soon)

- Tiers every 10 points

- Materials Lot System -

For lot, we work exaclty like in Dynamis too.

- First of all will be able to lot for materials those who posted for it (for be able to post must have job of material in lvl 70)

- Later will be able to lot those who have the job of the material in lvl 70

- Later who have the job of the material in lvl 65

- Later who have the job of the material in lvl 60

- Finally, any player with job in lvl 1 will be able to lot it Wink

Can't post for materials with less 2 points.

- Proto-Omega & Proto-Ultima Lot System -

Each member will have to post before each run what 2 item want lot.

Omega equipament

Omega Body: -20 points
Omega Legs: -15 points
Omega Hands & Boots: -10 points
Omega Head: -5 points

Ulitma equipament

Ultima Body: -10 points
Ultima Legs: -10 points
Ultima Hands & Boots: -10 points
Ultima Head: -10 points

Required one job lvl 75 equipable with that item for be able to post.

People in higher Tier will be able to lot.

Can't post for items Omega/Ultima with less points that cost piece that want post.

If we get one item & no nobody posted it, all players with one job lvl 70 equipable with that item will be able to lot, with no points cost.
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Limbus rules
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