Dynamis, Limbus & Abyssea LS
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 Yugon's apply

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Too weak
Too weak

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PostSubject: Yugon's apply   07/07/08, 08:39 pm

Hi there!!

Name: Yugon

Main Job: Monk 70 (at least, today xD)
Subjob: War37 atm (Nin12 and lvling up)

Thanatox told me about this Dynamis and Limbus LS. I'm interested basically in Dynamis (to get my Relic wep, and level it up) but I'm open to everything else to ^^

I'll wait for an answer. Thank you. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Yugon's apply   08/07/08, 11:59 am

Your apply was accept. Welcome in noted.tell Chimikho, Jennesta, Arabian, Klaster, Oroshin, Arekku or me for get pearl.

PD: Be sure you read post : "Dynamis Rules" and "Some words for all LS" in forum: Rules, info, and Announcements.

PD2: If your objective is make a relic, in this LS you will have dificult cuz are planned atm 3 relics more, after mine.
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Yugon's apply
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